COVID-19 Parent Info

Temperature Checks:

 Upon arrival, all staff and students will have temperature checks before entering the building. All students being dropped off will be checked in the car before exiting. High school drivers and passengers will be checked at a centralized location each morning before entering the building. Students with initial temperatures of 100.00 or higher will be checked multiple times to confirm

.  Each teacher will have a thermometer and will check students’ temperature twice a day.

 If a student has an elevated temperature, they will be isolated so nurse can check their temperature a second time for accuracy. If the student’s temperature remains elevated at 100.00 or above, the parent will be called to come pick him/her up.

 **All students who are sick must stay home regardless of illness. This will not count against their attendance.

HCS Nurse:

 HCS has hired a full-time school nurse to assist in COVID-19 protocols and parent communication. The HCS nurse will also serve as the liaison to the State Regional COVID-19 Office and also the TGMC COVID-19 team

. The school nurse will be constantly monitoring students and staff for COVID-19 symptoms.

 The school nurse will also be responsible for monitoring the health and well-being of the staff and students at HCS.


 In an effort to prevent community spread, HCS will work to create cohort groups throughout the school. Students will be assigned to specific cohort groups in all grades to help mitigate the risk of community spread.

 Cohorts will minimize the use of shared surfaces and decreases exposure and transmission. It also allows for targeted testing, isolation, and quarantine instead of automatic school-wide measures. What if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?

 If any individual that tests positive for COVID-19, they must quarantine for at least 10 days and can return after being first cleared by their doctor. Documentation will be needed.

 Any student or staff member that has been exposed to COVID-19 (which means they were within six feet of the infected person for more than 10-15 minutes) must quarantine for 10 days and return with no symptoms. If a person tests negative after being exposed, they may return back to school without any symptoms.

Face Masks:

 All faculty and students in grades 3rd – 12th grade must wear a cloth face mask to school each day. Face shields or neck gaiters are not acceptable.

 Students will have times throughout the school day to safely remove their masks.

 Face masks should have no writing, no pictures or characters. Patterns, solids, floral, camouflage, American Flag, and cross are acceptable.


 In an effort to limit the amount of possible spread, visitors will not be allowed at school unless it is an emergency. Please call the office if you are coming to check out your child, and we will escort them out the front door to parents with proper identification.

 We will have two drop boxes outside for parents to drop off items if needed. One will be for elementary and one for high school.

 We will cancel the Wednesday parent lunch until further notice.

Sanitizing/ Disinfectant:

 HCS has hired extra personnel to help clean and sanitize the campus.

 Staff and students will be sanitizing their hands throughout the day.

 All highly used surfaces will be sanitized throughout the school day.